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All members are entitled to vote, and encouraged to contribute to the running of the Museum. Members have the capacity to increase their knowledge of preservation, are encouraged to be active and contribute their skills - all at a time that suits themselves. Other volunteer duties include helping with creating displays, helping with catalogue entry, being able to access our library, photos books, maps etc. An important part of volunteering is showing our visitors around the Museum, as well as general help and maintenance. More volunteers could lead to extended opening hours. 



The Historical Society of Mooroopna depends on community support. Funds we raise help operate the Historical Society, develop exhibits, and present programs. Donations are used to ensure Mooroopna’s wide and wonderful past is preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come while providing educational resources.


All donations are Tax Deductible, and we have DGR Tax deductibility.


Donations can be made via BPay, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Cheque (via mail) OR via the DONATE button below.


Historical Society of Mooroopna Inc.

BSB: 633000

Account No: 141101998

Phone: 03 5825 3081

Address: PO Box Mooroopna, VIC 3629


Note: To gain Tax Deductibility we need your name and preferably an email so that we can supply a receipt. Alternatively you could provide contact details for the donation by telephone or mail.


Of course, we greatly appreciate any donations.



A bequest is an easy, practical way to make a meaningful contribution to the Historical Society of Mooroopna without affecting your current finances. A bequest links one generation to the well being of future generations. The Society is respected for its ability to translate the wishes of benefactors into successful historical preservation, education and research activities. A legacy left to the Historical Society of Mooroopna is valued and used well. You may choose to leave a particular asset or a specified sum of money. Alternatively you can stipulate that the bequest be applied to a specific purpose of the Society, rather than for general purposes.


A solicitor can help with the wording of any bequest. If you are considering a bequest to the Society in your will, please contact the Society.


Privacy is respected at all times and discussions remain confidential.



The Historical Society of Mooroopna (HSM) is dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting Mooroopna’s History. The HSM recognises that it is a custodian of the material entrusted to it for preservation for future generations. It is therefore committed to ensuring that the collection is properly catalogued and stored in such a way as to be accessible to the members and to the public under supervision.

Things to consider when donating items to HSM.

We first need to consider the item/s being offered for the relevance to our collection while adhering to our aims. To help us evaluate the items, it's very useful to tell us as much information as possible about the item and it's history.


Information such as:

  • What is the history of the Item?

  • When, where and by whom was it made, owned or used?

  • What stories surround the object or the people connected to it?

  • What condition is the item in?

  • What are its dimensions?

  • Any other information about the story surrounding the item or appearance (e.g. Distinguishing Features)

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